Empowering your child to communicate fluently in English, just like

Our students:
    Transition from endless learning to fluent English speech.
    Forge confident connections with native English speakers.
    Secure admission to prestigious international schools and universities.
    Effortlessly adjust to diverse language environments abroad.
Natalie Bystrova was raised in Canada, where she earned two higher degrees, one in law and the other in psychology. Additionally, she holds certification as an English teacher and boasts 12 years of experience specializing in children's education.

She understands firsthand the invaluable advantages that language proficiency brings, facilitating opportunities for education, travel, and enrollment in international institutions.

Her Canadian English academy nurtures bilingual children who effortlessly converse in English, even without residing in an English-speaking country.

Natalie's innovative teaching approach swiftly fosters fluent communication skills in children, making learning a delightful experience that transcends the conventional confines of desk-bound, monotonous lessons.
Konnekt Kid teachers have delivered over 20,000 lessons to children from 7 countries!
What's our secret sauce?
Our team comprises certified native speakers from Canada and the USA, meticulously chosen through a rigorous selection process. Each teacher possesses unique temperaments, ensuring that we match the perfect instructor with your child for effective and personalized results.
We have found the ideal formula for success:
Experience a unique approach to learning with our concise 25-minute lessons. Our program seamlessly integrates school subjects and the child's interests, ensuring that all work is completed in an engaging and playful manner. Children view these activities as enjoyable and beneficial experiences rather than tiring tasks.
Children will engage in friendly, English-only interactions with our teachers, fostering an environment where they confidently use the language for effective communication. This approach quickly breaks down language barriers, resulting in rapid progress and tangible achievements for the child.
Children undergo complete immersion in the language environment. Even if they are new to English, intuitive sign language and dynamic visuals aid in understanding and effortlessly retaining new information. Our teachers expertly customize instruction to align with each child's primary perception system, whether visual, kinesthetic, or auditory.
We cater to every child's uniqueness. With diverse knowledge levels and temperaments, we guarantee effective training and remarkable results. Our approach focuses on adapting the teacher and program to each child's needs, rather than enforcing a rigid structure.
Experience learning freedom! All you need is access to the Internet and a positive attitude. We foster and nurture your child's motivation and interest in classes, recognizing that children thrive when engaged in activities they enjoy!
Who are our teachers?
All our teachers are native residents of Canada and the USA, ensuring authentic language immersion. Each possesses a higher education degree along with TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certification, coupled with extensive experience in online language instruction.

Personally selected by Natalie, our teachers undergo a rigorous selection process, with only 0.2% of applicants progressing to teaching positions. They undergo our school's training program to familiarize themselves with the curriculum and teaching methods. You can be confident that your child is taught by exceptional educators!
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  • Jennifer
  • George
  • Rachel
  • Amber
  • Alisha
Our curriculum caters to children aged 4 to 16, meticulously designed to accommodate individual language skills — reading, speaking, writing, and listening — tailoring to each child's starting point. This ensures maximum adaptation to their unique characteristics and proficiency level.

We guide children from initial or zero proficiency to a confident B2 level, sufficient for successful university studies in English.

Beyond language proficiency, our curriculum fosters critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity by exploring interdisciplinary connections with subjects like mathematics, geography, biology, history, art, and more.
✔ Each lesson lasts 25 minutes.

✔ Access to the client portal with additional materials.

✔ Receive feedback from teachers after every lesson.

4 lessons
50 lessons
9 lessons
25 lessons
Our children have immense potential. Since birth, I've immersed Marc in foreign languages, making them a natural part of his daily life. At the age of four, we sought out a professional teacher, and fate led us to Konnekt Kid. It's been a year now since we've been studying, and I can confidently say that I'm overjoyed and incredibly proud of my child's progress. We found the perfect teacher in Diana. Despite being miles apart, I witness firsthand her dedication and genuine affection for children, celebrating their every achievement. Winning the hearts of children requires a special touch, and she achieves it effortlessly every day. We're grateful to have found Konnekt Kid!
Alina, Marc's mom
All my friends often inquire about Mark's experience with learning English at such a young age (he began at 5). They wonder how he comprehends lessons entirely in English, especially with a native speaker! It dawned on me that for a child, this is all perfectly natural. I've realized that explaining concepts, correcting mistakes, or giving instructions in English to my son, who isn't yet fluent, is surprisingly easy! Thanks to the exceptional teachers at Konnekt Kid, who engage Mark in interactive games and dialogues, genuinely praising him and energizing him, Mark thoroughly enjoys his lessons!
Сhristina, Mark's mom
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