Hi, awesome teachers! :)
1. How to find out when you're teaching.
You've received the link to the system in your email. The email that it was sent to is your login and the password is the same for everyone right now. I'll show you how to change it the first video!

1️⃣ How to change your password
2️⃣ How to set up the calendar view
3️⃣ The difference between Online KKid and yBlock . This is super important as you are only expected to show up for and paid for classes in the Online KKid room. The classes in yBlock are to hold your time available for a regular student or while waiting for a client to confirm a booking. You don't need to show up for those classes & are not paid for them. When a yBlock class is confirmed and scheduled, the admins will move it to Online KKid.
5️⃣ How to sync to Google calendar. This is for convenience (time zone wise) but *it can take up to 24 hrs * for changes in the system (bookings/cancellations) to reflect in the Google calendar (and sometimes they never show up) so it is really important that you do check the system for the most up to date and accurate information
6️⃣ Where to find the Zoom link and see feedback/homework for previous classes.
7️⃣ On to the cool features - list view to help with invoicing! This is the same information that I have when I check your invoices!
8️⃣ How to see the availability you've given us against your confirmed classes/blocked classes (you can also work from this view if it works better for you)
2. How to find out what you're teaching.
3. How to get paid.